Taylor-made solutions for our private clients drawing from a long Swiss tradition of excellence and confidentiality

Compagnie Financière de Florissant


Efficient management of wealth and private assets cannot be improvised. For many centuries, Switzerland has been a model of political and monetary stability, becoming a symbol of specialization in wealth management. It’s an “historic” profession, the advancement of which is based on the acquisition of knowledge, diligence, discretion but also upon relationships of trust which are established between the client and their Wealth Manager.

A unique mastery of financial services. Our organization of personalized services dedicates the entirety of its skills to wealth management for private clients.

The investment policy of Compagnie Financière de Florissant aims at optimizing return on assets, all while integrating the personal situation and the objectives that each client has chosen for themselves.

The fiscal landscape in which your assets evolve undergoes changes over time. The legislation in place today will not be that of tomorrow. Compagnie Financière de Florissant acts in order to ensure the stability of your assets over the years.


A bit of history

In the eighteenth century, under the influence of philosophers and in particular Rousseau, the so-called "Florissant" plot was remarkable for the number and beauty of its flowers; that is why the owners named this place, which later gave its name to an entire district and to our company domiciled "route de Florissant".

Compagnie Financière de Florissant SA was created in 2013. The company is  headquartered  in Geneva and had in the past a Representative Office in Paris.