Our independence guarantees the absolute impartiality of our investment strategies and precludes any risks of conflict of interest


The soul of Compagnie Financière de Florissant resides in its complete independence. Our company is not subordinated to any other financial institution and the management of client accounts is not influenced by other activities or overarching sales objectives.


Compagnie Financière de Florissant respects the banking relationships of its clients, and develops close links with numerous banking establishments, in Switzerland as well as abroad. Accounts are managed through a discretionary mandate or advisory, not standardized but only and fully customized, which sets the framework for investments wished by the client.

It also relies on a comprehensive approach to your wealth, a constant and sharp analysis of markets and a rigorous and systematic risk management.



Intuitu personae...


A company on a human scale, Compagnie Financière de Florissant makes itself available to clients before all else. It brings a personalized solution to each one of them, adapted to their needs, with only one objective: the durability of the entrusted patrimony

Deep understanding and precise application are the best ways of defending our clients’ interests while helping them develop their assets.

Availability and listening are our golden rule. We offer a regular follow-up that will allow clients the complete control over their investments.

A network of partners

Control over all factors in wealth management must always be tied to an active network of international experts, all selected with the greatest attention. A network composed of the best experts in tax and succession law, notaries and lawyers, collaborate with Compagnie Financière de Florissant, providing comprehensive consulting that serves one sole purpose: optimal management of the wealth entrusted to us.


A pledge of quality

To guarantee a quality of service with the strictest adhesion to the law and to the code of ethics of our profession, Compagnie Financière de Florissant is affiliated to the OAR-ARIF self-regulation body (Association Romande des Intermédiaires Financiers) in Geneva, founded in 1999 and enjoys the status of "Qualified Financial Intermediary". This ensures an irreproachable practice and the promotion of the independent profession of wealth management in Switzerland and abroad.


The OAR-ARIF is controlled by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA, which is the highest authority of control of financial markets.

Automatic Exchange of Information


The automatic exchange of information is applicable as from 1 January 2017

The automatic exchange of information (AEOI) is a tax standard, drawn from the OECD's Common Reporting Standard (CRS), which governs how information concerning bank accounts and foreign deposits of the taxpayers concerned is transmitted to the tax authorities of participating countries.

The AEOI requires the Custodian Bank to collect information concerning the tax residence of new customers as well as existing customers. These requirements pertain to individual customers as well as entities (e.g. companies, trusts, etc.). As part of the extension of due diligence procedures, customers must provide custodian banks with information and specific documents in order to determine their status with regard to the AEOI.

Currently, more than 100 countries have committed to adopting the common standard. Among these countries, Switzerland has entered into an agreement, applicable as from 1 January 2017, requiring it to provide information about the residents that are included on the following list (jurisdiction subject to declaration): 

You may follow the link below to find details of the information that will be exchanged and a diagram of how the automatic exchange of information works:

Compagnie Financière de Florissant carefully applies a tax compliance policy for funds deposited by its clients. The Compagnie Financière de Florissant will contact customers when appropriate if the banking relationship is concerned by the AEOI.